Created in 2004, our company designs and manufactures solutions for Point-of-Sale Marketing (POSM) and provides you will all the necessary expertise to manage your POS and Merchandising projects.

Our sales, design, project management and production teams support you from the first ideas to the final delivery.

Their knowledge of materials, talent and technical skills all ensure high-impact POS advertising to your consumers.

Since its creation, MCDPLV has worked closely with EuroPLV and in 2015, Christian DIJOUX, founder and CEO of EuroPLV, acquired MCDPLV. This led to the birth of the EUROPLV Group.

Our knowledge of different business sectors, networks and distribution channels, in addition to our expertise, enable us to bring you global POS solutions.

MCD PLV is also :

  • The strength of a Group employing 150 people and providing its support and sales force to meet and advise you. 13 technical sales agents, based in France and available throughout Europe.
  • High adaptability to distribution channels and a wide variety of business sectors.

The EuroPLV Group

The Euro PLV Group was created in 2015 when MCD PLV was acquired by C.D.F. (CHRISTIAN DIJOUX FINANCES), the holding company of EuroPLV, a designer and manufacturer of cardboard and multi-material POS. displays.

The merger of these two entities enabled EuroPLV to move towards a specialisation in multi-materials and MCD PLV to grow.


  • Bring together complementary companies, sharing the same human and business values.
  • Provide our customers with high quality products and services thanks to our specialised teams.
  • Build cohesion and cooperation on a daily basis between its members.

A common goal: to simplify your POS projects and make buying a memorable experience for your targets.


Designer & Manufacturer of POS displays

Located in SAINT-VICTURNIEN, near Limoges (South-West France)

Our Goals & Values

Since its creation, MCDPLV has worked closely with EuroPLV and the two companies share the same ambitions and values.

Simplify your POS advertising by managing your projects from start to finish.

Share our innovative creativity to meet your most ambitious projects.

Provide you with a high level of expertise to draw attention to your products.

    We firmly believe that :

  • « The best advertising is done by satisfied customers »
    (Bill Gates)                 
  • The added value of our POS products lies in the integrity and expertise of our teams.