Your project from start to finish

MCD PLV brings you total support for your POS project.

Meet a technical sales agent from the Group in France and Europe.

Two key steps :

  • We listen to your queries and define your expectations and needs in terms of point-of-sale publicity and display units.
  • We draft a summary brief to launch your POS project.

Your brief is passed on to our Design Department :

– 3D model of your POS project: A ‘rough’ or a ‘rack’ model is presented to you in order to finalise together all the specifications of your POS or display stands, such as the material, shape and volume, etc.

Once you have approved the design, your POS project is handed on to one of our multi-material project managers :

– The multi-material project manager steers your project from design to delivery to your points of sale. Depending on the design, this technician selects the most suitable materials and manufacturers for your POS project.

  • They define the production steps and constraints in order to offer you the best price.
  • They monitor the quality and smooth management of your order.

> The sales technician and project manager remain in close contact with you throughout the process.


  • MCD PLV promotes French manufacture. Nevertheless, our European network enables us to adapt to your key requirements.
  • We can also meet your environmental criteria and requirements.